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    Customer-centered, to create value for customers, is the only value of Onlytec, and also the only meaning of Onlytec’s strivers existence.Product’s quality is the most basic condition for serving customers, which is also the basic condition for the survival of Onlytec.


    Current Onlytec has more than 100 people, among them, there are more than 10 people for technical research and development , more than 20 people for production research and development ,40+ people for production.Once get the order from customers we will create project team, implement customer needs into reality, from a bit to meet customer needs, to provide customers with high quality, high stability equipment


    At present, Onlytec has more than 40 patents, including 5 invention patents.Onlytec will be committed to the research and development of closure and preform equipment for a long time , create more products to meet the needs of customers

    kind of closure slitting feeding unit
    A kind of automation spark testing unit
    A kind of closure lining unit



    IMD is a Swiss high-tech company specializing in the visual detection of caps, preforms, bottles and barry.


    Through continuous independent research and development, HANS Laser turns "laboratory equipment" into laser technology equipment which can work steadily for 24 hours continuously. It is one of the few companies in the world with "ultraviolet laser patent".

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