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    Onlytec is founded in Shanghai China in 2003, focusing on the research, development and manufacturing of automation equipment for cap and preform, we are committed to becoming a leader in this field. We uphold the customer - oriented business philosophy, customer - centered is the only standard and value of Onlytec's existence.

    Company’s productions: closure cooling system,closure sorting system, closure slitting system,closure laser marking system, closure closing system, closure wadding system, closure assembly system,closure and preform conveyor system,preform sorting system,closure packing system,automation packing system.

    Sincere cooperation, so that we become each other's partners

    Through continuous research and development, the equipment has served various well-known brands, such as Mansheng, Honchuan, CSI, BERRY PLASTIC, Coca-Cola, Nong Fu Spring, HUSKY,KHS and other industry leaders.


    Onlytec is located at 123 Xinyuan Road,
    Qingpu District, Shanghai,covering an area of 200,000
    square meters,and has a service office in Zhuhai.

    Area of 200,000 square meters


    Onlytec not only serves domestic customers, but also serves all kinds of big customers abroad. At present, Onlytec has been sold to Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and other four continents, and about 23 countries. The export sales volume accounts id about 40% of the total sales volume of the company.

    business in 4 continents
    sold to about 23 countries
    Export sales account for 40% of the total
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